In today’s modern world, super heroes don’t exist but super powers do. Every country in the world is building its arsenal bigger and deadlier in face of tight completion among rival countries. Based on the statistics and data provided, here are a list of countries navy force and how they rank in today’s world.

  1. United States of America

It is no surprise that the U.S is the toughest and deadliest out in the sea. The U.S has around 300,000 active duty personnel and has the capability to deploy 3,700 aircrafts on aircraft carriers. Its fleet consist of the largest number of air craft carriers, destroyers, attack submarines and counter measure ships.

  1. China

China is in a rat race with the U.S to take the title of first position. It has approximately 250,000 personnel employed in the navy. China’s fleet includes an aircraft carrier, large number of attack submarines, gun boats, counter measure ships and large number of auxiliary ships of different kind. It has around 700 aircrafts on duty.

  1. Russia

Russia started its navy fleet in 1992 only after the breaking up of Soviet Union. But age is no factor here, as Russia is well equipped and dangerous. It has about 148,000 navy men ready and its fleet consist of one air craft carrier, large number of battle cruisers and submarines, counter measure ships and special purpose boats.  Available air craft on duty is 300.

  1. Japan

The Japanese are peaceful but if pushed they will cut you down. The land of the samurai has around 51,000 navy personnel and over a hundred and fifty ships consisting of submarines, destroyers, helicopter destroyers, counter measure ships and auxiliary ships. Its air craft capacity is over 300.


  1. United Kingdom

One of the oldest navy forces out there, it was once crowned the most powerful navy in the world. The Brits have a very modernized fleet of ships mostly built from home. Its fleet consists of an air craft carrier, nuclear powered submarines, type 82 destroyers, amphibious warfare ships and a couple of frigates.

  1. France

The French have over 36,000 active personnel. Its fleet consist of an air craft carrier, submarines, ballistic submarines, warfare ships, destroyers, frigates and patrol boats. Its air craft limit is over 200.



  1. India

India has a large navy composed of over 67,000 personnel and over 200 ships consisting of an aircraft carrier, destroyers, submarines, counter measure ships and more. It is one of the strongest navy forces out there.

  1. South Korea

South Korea has 70,000 personnel in the navy and a fleet of submarines, assault ships, frigates, patrol boats and 70 air craft.

  1. Italy

Italy has 31,000 personnel and all kinds of modern ships including two air craft carriers, attack submarines, destroyers, frigates and patrol boats.

  1. Taiwan

Taiwan has about 38,000 personnel and over hundred ships of destroyers, missile boats, submarines, patrol ships and frigates. It has 28 air craft’s in its arsenal.


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