Every year thousands of young civilians join the navy and transition to completely new competent, disciplined and focused navy personnel.  For all those wishing to join the navy, here are a few tips sure to boost your chances of completing the training selection and joining the navy.

  1. Being Physically Capable

The sole purpose of boot camp is to select the fittest candidates among the lot. Being physical fit will give you an edge here, both physically and mentally. Recruiters look for stamina, endurance capability, mental strength and ability to swim and stay afloat in water as in the case of navy.

  1. Discipline

The inner motive of discipline should walk along with you the moment you get down the bus and enter the recruitment centre. It should be more a higher purpose instilled in you for the betterment of your life and journey at the defence forces.

  1. Motivation

There should be an initiative from within yourself to enlist in the navy. Proper research should be carried out before joining, listening to veterans stories of deployment and brotherhood should motivate you to attend the call for a higher purpose and be the best you can be.

  1. Travel the Globe

Enlisting means changing your existing self and roots to a fully new individual capable of amazing tasks. Joining the navy means setting sail around the world and going where ever you are needed to go.

  1. Permanently instilled

After joining the navy, a strong and significant sense of change will clearly appear in you. Experience in the navy will shape and construct a newly improved version of yourself able to adapt to any situation, rise up to any traumatic experience and react to any stressful situation. Moreover the friends and bonds made in the navy will last the brotherhood for a life time.

  1. Transparent medical records

The navy will screen you based on your medical records to check for past and prior surgeries, broken bones and other injuries before conducting a full medical examination. It is the duty of the recruit to be honest and not hide any sickness or medical record he should be ashamed of from the recruiter.

  1. Good behaviour

Before enlisting you should make sure you do not have any criminal offenses against you and no pending charges against you, if found, you will be disqualified. The navy will conduct a back ground check and it is the obligation of the recruit to let the authorities know if has had any arrests in the past because it is the right move.


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