What to Know About Basic Navy Training

The navy training camp or boot camp is a eight week intensive training camp held for recruits to determine whether they have got in them to pass and succeed the test and graduating as a fully fledged personnel of the navy. There a few things you practise and keep in advance before attending the boot […]


Things to Consider When Joining the Navy

Every year thousands of young civilians join the navy and transition to completely new competent, disciplined and focused navy personnel.  For all those wishing to join the navy, here are a few tips sure to boost your chances of completing the training selection and joining the navy. Being Physically Capable The sole purpose of boot […]


10 Tips for Beginner Boaters

Whether to get away from the dizzying cityscapes to simply relax and have a cold beer out on the open, boating is an excellent way to beat stress. But if you’re not careful, the stress can turn around and hit you since boating is no easy job. There is hull maintenance, brightwork, and fuel maintenance. […]