Whether to get away from the dizzying cityscapes to simply relax and have a cold beer out on the open, boating is an excellent way to beat stress. But if you’re not careful, the stress can turn around and hit you since boating is no easy job. There is hull maintenance, brightwork, and fuel maintenance. But to see your boat sit and shine at the docks is a pretty wondrous thing on its own, and it makes for a satisfying string of things to do. Here are 10 tips for a beginner boater.

Clean your boat in the morning

Although this can be a pretty tough task to follow, it’s better to clean your boat in the morning since the dew that you get in the morning is distilled water.

White Vinegar

Use white vinegar instead of bleach to get rid of moulds.

Keep a bucket near you at all costs

A bucket can not only help when you’re seasick but also when the deck is filled with water. This will help you cast water out to the sea if the sea decides to become restless.

The direction of the orbital polisher

While using an orbital polisher, it is wise to motion it in the course of the rotation. If you do otherwise, the pad may hit a hurdle that might make the polisher jump, which isn’t desirable.


While having a fibreglass boat

The gelcoat layer is applied to protect the fibreglass underneath from the harsh extremities of the sea. Get the gelcoat layer checked from time to time.

Use oven cleaner on gelcoat

To clean the gelcoat and separate paint and residue, spray oven cleaner over the surface as this will help you clean without damaging the gelcoat exterior.

The aerosol paint can solutions

If you use an aerosol paint can and while using, the can clogs, remove the nozzle before soaking it in mineral spirits for close to an hour. If you use a can with anti-fouling nozzles, spray once as directed by the manufacturer before turning the can upside down and spraying. This is help unclog the nozzles.

For a smoother ramp descent

While having your boat docked on land, make sure to apply liquid dish soap to the trailer bunks. This will further smoothen the surface of the ramp and help the boat ease into the water without any hassle, especially if the ramp is shallow.

Check for corrosion

Stainless-steel parts of a boat must be regularly checked for corrosion.

For corroded fasteners

Make a half and half mixture of acetone and automatic transmission fluid to loosen corroded fasteners.


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