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What to Know About Basic Navy Training

The navy training camp or boot camp is a eight week intensive training camp held for recruits to determine whether they have got in them to pass and succeed the test and graduating as a fully fledged personnel of the navy. There a few things you practise and keep in advance before attending the boot camp. Physical fitness is a key factor, as the camp pushes you to your limits and makes you better. Being unfit will decommission you from the training. Learn how to swim, at least the basics as it will help you adapt in the training. Of course the will teach you the basics to pass the test but it better to be prepared. The navy has one of the stringent and zero tolerance policy on tobacco use compared to the other wings of defence. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside, outside and within perimeters of the camp. Boot camps can be class intensive and you should learn to adapt and handle stress, as it will definitely help you out. Another few tips are learning to make your rack bed at 45 degree ‘hospital’ corners, ironing military uniforms, reading the blue jacket manual, listening to lessons on first aid, seamanship, uniform and grooming tips, being able to memorise the alphabetical orders( alpha, bravo, Charlie..) and being able to perform physical exercises like push ups , pull ups, sit ups and mile long runs. navyship During the nine weeks you will be taught everything from scratch. The first three weeks are the toughest. In week 1, basic swimming qualifications will be taught. Drown proofing, treading, jumping into and dive entries will be taught too. The first week is usually the most physical enduring and intensive week. In week 2, recruits receive dress uniforms, attending classes on professionalism, training to breathe in oxygen breathing apparatus masks, and writing their first written test. In week 3, there is less class and more hands on experience learning in line hand drills and first aid. Physical drills and exercise will carry on along too. In week 4, recruits will learn to shoot live ammo guns like the M16 and shotgun. Physical training will increase up to sit reach, curls ups , push ups and a 1.5 mile run. In week 5, it involves mainly increasing the number hours on live rounds up to an additional 30 hours. In week 6, recruits mainly learn to train and equip gas masks during tear gas sessions. In week 7, recruits practise live fire fighting situations in ships and master battle station elements to test their skills till now. In week 8, after passing battle station it mainly focuses on out processing and final pass in review.

Top Ten Countries with the Best Navy Force in the World

In today’s modern world, super heroes don’t exist but super powers do. Every country in the world is building its arsenal bigger and deadlier in face of tight completion among rival countries. Based on the statistics and data provided, here are a list of countries navy force and how they rank in today’s world.
  1. United States of America
It is no surprise that the U.S is the toughest and deadliest out in the sea. The U.S has around 300,000 active duty personnel and has the capability to deploy 3,700 aircrafts on aircraft carriers. Its fleet consist of the largest number of air craft carriers, destroyers, attack submarines and counter measure ships.
  1. China
China is in a rat race with the U.S to take the title of first position. It has approximately 250,000 personnel employed in the navy. China’s fleet includes an aircraft carrier, large number of attack submarines, gun boats, counter measure ships and large number of auxiliary ships of different kind. It has around 700 aircrafts on duty.
  1. Russia
Russia started its navy fleet in 1992 only after the breaking up of Soviet Union. But age is no factor here, as Russia is well equipped and dangerous. It has about 148,000 navy men ready and its fleet consist of one air craft carrier, large number of battle cruisers and submarines, counter measure ships and special purpose boats.  Available air craft on duty is 300.
  1. Japan
The Japanese are peaceful but if pushed they will cut you down. The land of the samurai has around 51,000 navy personnel and over a hundred and fifty ships consisting of submarines, destroyers, helicopter destroyers, counter measure ships and auxiliary ships. Its air craft capacity is over 300.
  1. United Kingdom
One of the oldest navy forces out there, it was once crowned the most powerful navy in the world. The Brits have a very modernized fleet of ships mostly built from home. Its fleet consists of an air craft carrier, nuclear powered submarines, type 82 destroyers, amphibious warfare ships and a couple of frigates.
  1. France
The French have over 36,000 active personnel. Its fleet consist of an air craft carrier, submarines, ballistic submarines, warfare ships, destroyers, frigates and patrol boats. Its air craft limit is over 200. ship  
  1. India
India has a large navy composed of over 67,000 personnel and over 200 ships consisting of an aircraft carrier, destroyers, submarines, counter measure ships and more. It is one of the strongest navy forces out there.
  1. South Korea
South Korea has 70,000 personnel in the navy and a fleet of submarines, assault ships, frigates, patrol boats and 70 air craft.
  1. Italy
Italy has 31,000 personnel and all kinds of modern ships including two air craft carriers, attack submarines, destroyers, frigates and patrol boats.
  1. Taiwan
Taiwan has about 38,000 personnel and over hundred ships of destroyers, missile boats, submarines, patrol ships and frigates. It has 28 air craft’s in its arsenal.

Things to Consider When Joining the Navy

Every year thousands of young civilians join the navy and transition to completely new competent, disciplined and focused navy personnel.  For all those wishing to join the navy, here are a few tips sure to boost your chances of completing the training selection and joining the navy.
  1. Being Physically Capable
The sole purpose of boot camp is to select the fittest candidates among the lot. Being physical fit will give you an edge here, both physically and mentally. Recruiters look for stamina, endurance capability, mental strength and ability to swim and stay afloat in water as in the case of navy.
  1. Discipline
The inner motive of discipline should walk along with you the moment you get down the bus and enter the recruitment centre. It should be more a higher purpose instilled in you for the betterment of your life and journey at the defence forces.
  1. Motivation
There should be an initiative from within yourself to enlist in the navy. Proper research should be carried out before joining, listening to veterans stories of deployment and brotherhood should motivate you to attend the call for a higher purpose and be the best you can be.
  1. Travel the Globe
Enlisting means changing your existing self and roots to a fully new individual capable of amazing tasks. Joining the navy means setting sail around the world and going where ever you are needed to go.
  1. Permanently instilled
After joining the navy, a strong and significant sense of change will clearly appear in you. Experience in the navy will shape and construct a newly improved version of yourself able to adapt to any situation, rise up to any traumatic experience and react to any stressful situation. Moreover the friends and bonds made in the navy will last the brotherhood for a life time. navyofficer
  1. Transparent medical records
The navy will screen you based on your medical records to check for past and prior surgeries, broken bones and other injuries before conducting a full medical examination. It is the duty of the recruit to be honest and not hide any sickness or medical record he should be ashamed of from the recruiter.
  1. Good behaviour
Before enlisting you should make sure you do not have any criminal offenses against you and no pending charges against you, if found, you will be disqualified. The navy will conduct a back ground check and it is the obligation of the recruit to let the authorities know if has had any arrests in the past because it is the right move.

10 Tips for Beginner Boaters

Whether to get away from the dizzying cityscapes to simply relax and have a cold beer out on the open, boating is an excellent way to beat stress. But if you’re not careful, the stress can turn around and hit you since boating is no easy job. There is hull maintenance, brightwork, and fuel maintenance. But to see your boat sit and shine at the docks is a pretty wondrous thing on its own, and it makes for a satisfying string of things to do. Here are 10 tips for a beginner boater.

Clean your boat in the morning

Although this can be a pretty tough task to follow, it’s better to clean your boat in the morning since the dew that you get in the morning is distilled water.

White Vinegar

Use white vinegar instead of bleach to get rid of moulds.

Keep a bucket near you at all costs

A bucket can not only help when you’re seasick but also when the deck is filled with water. This will help you cast water out to the sea if the sea decides to become restless.

The direction of the orbital polisher

While using an orbital polisher, it is wise to motion it in the course of the rotation. If you do otherwise, the pad may hit a hurdle that might make the polisher jump, which isn’t desirable. training

While having a fibreglass boat

The gelcoat layer is applied to protect the fibreglass underneath from the harsh extremities of the sea. Get the gelcoat layer checked from time to time.

Use oven cleaner on gelcoat

To clean the gelcoat and separate paint and residue, spray oven cleaner over the surface as this will help you clean without damaging the gelcoat exterior.

The aerosol paint can solutions

If you use an aerosol paint can and while using, the can clogs, remove the nozzle before soaking it in mineral spirits for close to an hour. If you use a can with anti-fouling nozzles, spray once as directed by the manufacturer before turning the can upside down and spraying. This is help unclog the nozzles.

For a smoother ramp descent

While having your boat docked on land, make sure to apply liquid dish soap to the trailer bunks. This will further smoothen the surface of the ramp and help the boat ease into the water without any hassle, especially if the ramp is shallow.

Check for corrosion

Stainless-steel parts of a boat must be regularly checked for corrosion.

For corroded fasteners

Make a half and half mixture of acetone and automatic transmission fluid to loosen corroded fasteners.